Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sparky's Diner

I dont know if its a jinx but everytime i go out to eat , I seem to have a minor adventure.
Someday ill write a book about how i slayed seven headed dragons (breathing fire, ofcourse ), sailed raging seas, fought deadly pirates and climbed icy mountains, all for FOOD.

Yesterday a friend and i decided to hit Sparky s for lunch, braving Cyclone Nisha(!!) , resultant eerie , flooded subways, and waterlogged roads.
As expected we were the only ones there. I thought the decor and stuff was nice and typically American Diner to the point of slightly overdoing it. But enough of that bcs most of you have seen the place already.
What put me off was an EXTREMELY local looking waiter, in a very grimy outfit, trying to talk in an AMERICAN accent !!! Over and over again. Completely annoying. Would have loved for him to buzz off!
Anyway the food is a different story.We ordered up some nachos with salsa.
The nachos were fantastic , but the salsa was just regular .Not at all bad though.

My friend ordered a Hippie sandwich . It was Huge (expected) and was wrapped in a thin flat bread , with lots of Hummus and fresh veggies. Very good and an interesting option for weight watchers.
Also there was a tiny, slightly cute(:P) , loaf of white bread , which looked like a sleeping baby hamster.It tasted like pita but was actually a loaf, and not flatbread.
I ordered the Bourbon Street pasta . (The annoying waiter's recommendation).
The sauce was so different from the bechamel sauce/arabita sauce that seems to be the norm in the average Indian resto. And for the first time , I thought I ate penne that was properly cooked. This sauce had a caramelized onion and cream sauce. Smokey, mysteriously dark and rich. Loaded with zucchini, 'shrooms, peppers, ... oh its a veggie dream.
It came with a complementary salad.I didnt care for the wilted lettuce , but the mayo was outstanding.
We had a good meal. I recommend both the above dishes , if you're vegetarian.
And no ,we didnt have dessert :)

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  1. Heartening to know that Sparky's serves something besides hot dogs. I will go there now.