Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mystiq Masala

A friend and i made sudden lunch plans. The options were Amethyst , Cascade or MM.(The latter two are run by Mr . Mahadevan, BTW).
Since im not a fan of Cascade's revoltingly huge portions or Amethyst s whimsical taste/service , I said lets do MM. ( Although im slightly against going to a place that serves only Indian food).
My friend is a complete food and wine connoiseur, so im glad i trusted her.
When you enter, your'e hit by waves of deja vu. ( Really , is there only one restaurant decorator in town ??)
The decor is pleasant but predictable and borderline boring. Whats with every restaurant in town having TWO(essentially pretty) East indian receptionists/waitresses ?( Little Italy , Ecstasy , and now , MM). Im not complaining , but its sort of clicheed !

Ok, now the food.They served us two (only !)complimentary bite sized papdi with a spiced channa paste.The presentation was beautiful, but the plate looked rather bare , so i suggest they serve atleast four, especially considering they were yummy !!
There was an assorted papad basket with three kinds of chutney . The mint chutney was nice and tangy. The sweetish papaya chutney was out of the world !!
We ordered the Yam Galouti for starter. In my Friend's words, it simply mellllted in the mouth.SO DELICIOUS ! It was served with a South Indian style Peanut Chutney and a Red Chilli Chutney.You have to, have to, have to order this if you're vegetarian. (There s a lamb version for the meat eaters).
For the main we did the phulka , vegetable rice and gravy route.
We ordered this gravy with water chestnuts and corn . It was nice, subtle and rich.The phulkas were soft. The rice was good , long grained, fragrant Basmati . What I liked a lot about this place was every dish is presented beautifully, as opposed to other restaurants run by the same chain. I will definitely go there again , esp since my husband enjoys indian food .

Highly recommended !! Also the prices are very fair.


  1. I haven't been to MM, but I love Cascade. Amethyst on the other hand, burns a hole right through my poor pockets. My dad knows the owner of the cascade, MM chain and I love all of his restaurants actually. ESPECIALLY Copper Chimney. Have been going there for around 13 years now I think! I love chinese but not the chinese chinese (had the stuff in London and hated it), I prefer Indianized Chinese, authenticity be damed :-) My favourite chinese place in the city is the Golden Dragon at the Taj Corammandel. Fabulous.

  2. how is it that i just had my breakfast, and you've gotten me hungry again. such eloquent words!

  3. Hey! Chanced upon your blog.. I LOVE it!!! :)) Good stuff!

  4. lol, bhar.. thank you.
    Hey Anu ! how on earth did u find my blog ? And thank you!!