Sunday, July 5, 2009

Aggarwal Bhojnalya

Oh my God , people ! This place is a FIND !!!
For one, words are just not enough to testify for this place .
Like all things precious , getting here is a pain. How u'll park around here i have no clue . I always park in GGH where i workand take an auto to Patni plaza.(Which is quite a landmark in these parts, for reasons beyond me). So figure that out for yourself.
For a general idea , it takes a good deal of brushing against cows (or oxen , im not sure ), precariously stepping around flea infested stray dogs, careful of not getting in their bad books , and jumping mounds of rotting garbage ,to go from any point A to point B in this area.

Aggrawal is in the non descript lane near Patni Plaza. Enter in and you'll forget all the pain u endured to get here. Its a clean, old fashioned little room, with equally old fashioned tables, and plastic chairs. Absolutely nothing fancy.You pay for ur Thalis and then take a seat next to a random somebody.
There s the preliminary 4 cups .. with mango/garlic achar , mint chutney ,and chopped chillies in mustard oil.. it looks innocently plain , but serve yourself a bit of each. Its all delicious.
Then they served us the following :
Aloo and beans curry, dal,cabbage dal, green gram sabji .
Rotis.Complacently rotund. Smothered lovingly with ghee. Piping hot.And ofcourse, unlimited
And chawal. Tastes fabulous with the dal. Toss in a few of the aforementioned chillies, crush some roast paapad in and youre good to go!
Every one of these was finger lickin-yummy , to say the LEAST.
Cup of thick curd.
Its a long time since i left the place but im still reeling in the pleasant ,lingering memory of their fabulous food.(and stiffing my fingers every twenty seconds or so ).
The service was warm and home-like.
I strongly urge everyone to go here . You will love it just as much as i did if not more.

PS : Just get someone to blindfold you enroute and back, to avoid taking in the nasty vistas.

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