Sunday, July 5, 2009

Padmashree Foods

We were spending a jobless evening in the alwarpet area , so we decided to pop in for a quick bite.i
Its strange to note the way they ve done up the place.
Although they are professional bakers , there s a very homely feel to the place.. mind u , there are no fancy frills or flashy baubles around , it just feels like an extension of their own home, which is a pretty sweet thing ( the pun just happened).I had a slice of the Irish Coffee Cream cake , the husband ordered a Banana Fudge brownie and a Veg Sandwich .The Banana Brownie was really fudge-y and banana-y .
And highly recommended.

The Irish Coffe cream (cake) was moist and yummy.Im not sure if its authentic Irish Cream and all that ,(primarily bcs i have not been to Ireland ) ,but bottomline is it was yummy.
Their servings are quite just the right size( who wants to eat an elephantine cakeand then run twenty miles to lose all the fat ).And starting atrupees 13 , I think its quite a neat deal. gGo there for a quick bite if u happen to be in the area.
They do good pre- order birthday cakes etc at reasonably good prices.

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