Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kailash Parbat

Just popped in with my mum for a quick sampler.
If what little i ate is anything to go by, im thoroughly impressed !
I ordered for a Paani Puri. (The basic standard by which i size up a chaat shop). My mum ordered a Sev Puri.
In other places if ur order doesnt turn up in the expected time , one needs to summon the waiter and grumble a little bit. Things work the other way round here. Noticing that we had not started eating in about 6.5 minutes since we came, a waiter came and checked twice if we'd ordered, and reconfirmed the order too. Full marks for efficiency and courteousness.
The Paani puri came first. Naturally , im forced to compare with the City's frontrunners in the business, at this point. The puris were sturdy , more water resistant than their rather flimsy counterparts we come across all over the city. Score !
Sadly , there was only 1 boiled potato cube and 4 kernels of corn for stuffing. The whole platter looked rather too sterile and organised, like precision instruments set out for surgery. I actually like the local chaat waalas' carelessly messy presentation just a bit more.
All said and done , the taste was as authentic as pani puri anywhere else would be.

But ,for us, the true Star of the day was the Sev puri. It arrived with considerably more fanfare than its aquatic counterpart. There was more than a generous sprinkling of confetti-like , golden Sev that gave a festive feel to the platter.The flavours were bang on. It was a glorious riot of the tangyand the crispy !
So very good , and definitely worth a try.
Will certainly go there to try out more !


  1. oooh.. im craving chaat now. where exactly is this place though??

  2. Have to try this too. Will be able to comment better once I have eaten their fare.