Sunday, July 5, 2009

Little Italy

w\We had a guest over the weekend , who wated to go to Little Italy.
So here s my review of an overall good dinner
Soup: Spring onion soup, 2/3 . Was delicate and extremely delicious
sStarter : well ermmm.. i forgot the name but it was called A.20 . Since it had potatoes and cheese and parsley,we presumed it had no scope for going wrong.And expected something wodefully deep fried. But when it landed on the table, we were taken aback for two reasons:
It was a creamy potato dip.
And. it was COLD.
We dipped our breads in gingerly , and were instantly happy because it was SOO fresh and creamy.
Drink : Only one of us felt like a mocktail , so she ordered the Grasshopper.
It was a concoction of Cacao (yes, cacao, not cocoa, as we mistook it ),mint and coconut juice.
Well, it lived up to the colour expectations.It was green.
It smelt like extremely good BODY LOTION. Sadly , it tasted like that too :(

Pizza Sadu- A deliciously tangy , no -cheese pizza. Made me less guilty than usual.
Lasagne - Lasagne Alla gypsy- had mushrooms and eggplantive .No words to describe how wonderfully fantastic it was :)
Pasta - pasta Alla Mafia -a let down after the lasagne

Dessert :
We didnt have any !!
Overall,everything worked for me except the drink and the pasta .
I have to mention the service:Very , cordial , pleasant and efficient.

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  1. I have eaten Little Italy's penne arrabiata and someother eggplant stuff that was quite good and their cheese dip is amazing. As for your no cheese pizza, it is wrong on so many levels that I won't comment on it.