Sunday, July 5, 2009

Rendezvous , Pondicherry

We made spur of the moment plans to go to Pondicherry on Sunday ( the first Sunday i was free in a looooong time ).
We went here for lunch.This is a nice little place located on Rue Suffren.It is situated on the first floor , comfortably dim ,with a neat thatched roof , decorated garishlywith gold and silver paper stars ( if they were recreating the night sky .. bad , bad attempt ).And the walls had paintings from the Ramayana(Ravana slaying some bird ??). Quite a mixed personality , but it doesNOT seem to suffer from an identity crisis anyway.
What we ate :
Garlic bread : Absolutely melt in the mouth
Mushrooms tossed with garlic and onions : so SO light and fresh
Veg Shaslyk : an ok sizzler consisting of some curried rice and a skewer of grilled veggies and paneer
Veg ( lol ) Moussaka : i know , i know, there s nothing like a veg moussaka.
This imaginative version was layered with aubergines and potato ,curried black whole dal (!) and cheese.
It made for a little bit of a gastronomic adventure , within vegetarian territories.
I did look at the non veg selection of their menu . Way more stuff for you guys!
tThey are BIG on sea food , serving pretty platters of prawn , calamari etc
And they serve beer , i think.(The place being Pondicherry , and all.)
They have a huge crowd of foreigners , but the waiters remain obstinately indian ( "veg saasli " was how they pronounce shaslyk !!) Jai ho.
The meal came to between rs 500 to 600 for the 2 of us.

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  1. Their Chicken Kiev. I can drive all the way to Pondi for that alone!