Sunday, July 5, 2009


Went here today for an evening snack.
My husband ordered lemonade and this mushroom appetizer.
The lemonade was so bad , both of us couldnt jointly finish it :(
The Mushroom-Whatever, was basically sauteed 'shrooms on bread squares, all grilled. Unfortunately the bread was CHARRED . But we managed to scrape off the charred parts and eat our way thro it.
I ordered the Carrot Cake which was good , if not fantastic.
The cake had a slight whiff of cinnamon going on, which was nice. And the orange zest , in the frosting added a nice tang :)
I agree its a lovely place but i dont know about the privacy . Maybe because today was a holiday, but the place was drowning in people .
And sadly we sat next to a table full of noisy, cackly people and that ruined a little bit of the feel of the place, for me.But its definitely one of the places id like to hang out at, once in a while, because ive had better experiences here before .

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  1. Their apple cinnamon cake is quite good. And their banana bread. And this sandwich....its got mozzerella olives and tomatoes in it. I love the combo. Unfortunately, the only person who can afford to take me there is my mom