Sunday, July 5, 2009

Karma Cafe

Was here about 10 days ago. Finally getting around to sit down and write review. The Cafe has a toasty ambience to it , thanks to the warm ,brown wood panelled walls. The colour element comes from the display of quirky , fun Karma t shirts , that take up one wall. There s also a small display of trinkets, amidst which Mansi keeps this menacing leather and steel wrist band , which she uses from time to time , to deal with difficult customers :)
They have a huge selection on their menu,sandwiches , pastas bakes- as compared to other run of the mill places like Coffee Days and Baristas. I ordered the failproof Corn, Cheese and Spinach Sandwich. My cousin ordered the Jerk Chicken Sandwich.
The portions are big so you can pretty much make a light meal of it . What I really like is they dont skimp on their ingredients like other places(3 corn kernels, 2 strands spinach at most places ive had).The Jerk Chicken I hear had a Whiskey flavor going on and my cousin was quite happy with the portion and the flavor. Desserts are by Sinful Something. Here again they have a good 4 to 5 different items on display , that you can choose from. I think the cheesecakes by SS are by far, the best in town , so do give it a try ! They are reasonably priced , and considering their portions and great taste , Karma cafe is definitely VFM . A great place to kick back and chill out with friends.

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  1. Haven't been here either, but I remember you telling that the prices are cool so will have to check it out. As for your barb at the CCD and Barista, I am going to ignore that! ;) I am quite a fan of souless, meaningless, run of the mill fast food or coffee chains! :-) Mc D's, KFC, CCD, Barista. All of them :-)