Sunday, July 5, 2009

Latitude 13 (by The Park)

A place that serves fantastic food .
In a super classy ambience.
At reasonably good prices.
.The all important waitor factor.
What else could possibly go wrong ??
Well nothing , really .Ahat is exactly why this place is packed . And i mean PACKED.
So you need to be really lucky if you dont have reservations.
Its done up in a swish Middleastern style. We had a fantastic table with a beautiful antique mirror behind( handy , too) , an explosion of vibrant cushions on a plush sofa.
They have some of the most elegant black chandeliers ive seen in some time.
The waiters dont really rush it and its a good idea to go there when you have about 3 hours at your disposal.
We ordered the 4 course lunch .. one vegetarian for me and one non vegetarian for my friend.
The meal sounded promising , with Soup of the Day , choice of sandwich or pasta for the Main course,choice of Dessert, and for the final course ... tea or coffee, whichever you choose.

The soup was a thick, non fussy Cream of Yellow Pepper ,very rich and flavourful. And very yellow :)
Main course : I ordered a panini sandwich with cream cheese and mushrooms..Yum yum yum! The panini was soft , light and delish !
I couldnt taste the pasta but my friend loved it!
For dessert there was a rich Chocolate Excess truffle ,for me .( Of course i picked chocolate )And my friend had the most delicious apple desert with vanilla ice cream (a crumbly cake whose name i forget ). Warm and blissful.
We were so happy with our meal thus far ,that we forgot there was a fourth course, paid , and left :(Price per head, for the four course meal was between Rs 400 to 475 . (Forgot to take a good look .) That may not be cheap by most ppl s standards , but trust me , if you get a good seat ... the food is SO worth it !!

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