Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sandy's Chocolate Laboratory

If you are chocoholic like me, you have found your heaven ! Well heaven's still a bit of a work in progress but let me tell you about it anyway.
For starts, how many restaurants can incorporate cocoa in every , yes EVERY dish they dish out ?
Or have a door that looks like a giant bar of divinely dark chocolate ?
Well, thats Sandy s for you : unique , in your face and just so quirky !
The interiors are a good mix of posh, eclectic and utilitarian.
The tables take their origin somewhere in the roof, the windows are mere horizontal slits. And over on the other side , there's the pretty straightforward looking delicatessen counter, selling a load of exotic or organic(or both exotic AND organic) things.
And a lot of meats , which i didnt look at too closely ;)

Coming to the food, the lunch was a set course affair , comprising of soup , the main course and dessert.
Both my friend and i ordered the Vegetarian option.
For soup there was a rich, warm, Cauliflower soup served in these hearty dishes.
The main course had Corn cakes.Luscious layers of corn pancakes ( i think) with all thing wonderful in between ! There was some kind of a creamy mushroom sauce that was used as garnish, and i could have happily wolfed a couple of tablespoonsful more.
And then, for warm up before dessert,the chef decided to send out some complementary chocolate mousse and chocolate-vodka shots.Served in beakers and test tubes, but ofcourse ! The chocolate mousse was WICK-ED.

And for actual dessert, we ordered the white chocolate truffle cake, which was so pretty , it made for quite a long photo session.The very tangy berry compote with the honey sweetened white chocolate - who would have thought absolute bliss could come in the guise of such an innocent looking dessert ?
And then Ofcourse there was Fondue.Chocolate fondue. With a dollop of peanut butter. And a lot of drama from flambeeing it . It was decadent fun , just dunking in and lazily swirling about , little bits of this and that, in the rich volcanic molten chocolate.

The menu features a wide range of things ranging from cakes, mousse to even four or five kinds of chocolate potions.The price for the set meals excluding the fondue and the mousse came to just over rs 1000 for 2 people.
I doubt if they are fully functional on a daily basis, yet. But i hear mid May will see a lot more additions and a formal opening. So you know where to head, towards the fag end of this month !
(originally written in early in May 2009)

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  1. this one place has been tugging at my gut ever since you told me about it. TAKE ME THERE.