Sunday, July 5, 2009

La Boulangerie Central

Many months ago the first time I wanted to go here, I got lost.
The second time around, it was a Monday.(Their weekly holiday).
Like a bloodthirsty piranha, Iwent there again, for the third time.
Ive been hooked ever since.
Their Coffee Eclair needs a thread of its own. You could eat it , die , and happily go to Heaven.
Im a quiche addict and i loved their quiche the one time i ate it, though it could have been bigger.

I had a guava dessert in a glass which tasted slightly of Antibiotic. Nevermind, they atleast tried to lift a boring Indian fruit to higher levels.
As i keep having the coffe eclair EVERYTIME i go there (no regrets ), i've nothing much to say about the other items.
My husband does order different things eachtime,and usually likes what he orders.They also work for a good cause. ALL the profits go back into training underprivileged kids , in the art and science of Baking. The kids are usually the ones who take the order and serve you too.
Here s hoping they add many more items to their menu , as there s no such thing as too many delicious things :)


  1. I have always wanted to try this place. Will get around to it now.

  2. have you tried the hot chocolate there??? its BRILLIANT! quite the best in the city...

  3. Hi Layeah,

    You wanted a vegetarian version of the massman recipe. Here in the USA we can get "vegetarian" chicken (chicken made with tofu that tastes like real chicken). We just substitute that. However, you could try substituting fried tofu, or just leave out the chicken and season the potatoes with the curry paste. It should still be tasty.