Sunday, July 5, 2009

French Loaf, The

The French Loaf ( on Harrington Road ) has been my favourite haunt for a casual catch up with friends.
The crowd there is neither cluttered with crass people, nor with snooty wannabes.
It is small, the decor is kept minimal and very clean, and the emphasis is on food.
I think they have the best quiche s in town , and im addicted.
They have this fabulous feature, a make -your -own-sandwich station. They hand you a sheet with a list of breads, veggies,meats, dressings,cheeses etc. Tick wat you like and they turn it into one killer sandwich. Plus they have a rack full of good bread u can buy for home.The pricing is fair according to me but that may be subjective. All in all i think its one of the better places in chennai, especially for a vegetarian like me.

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  1. French Loaf is another favourite with me although I don't go there often as it is a little expensive. But their pastries are amazing! The cheesecakes are somewhat lacking though. For the best cheesecakes in town go to Taj Corammandel's pastry shop...pure decadence. And yes, French Loaf's quiches are amazing!